We provide Freight Services of company cargo 24/7/365. 

 Whether you need your cargo delivered at 3 AM on a Saturday in the Permian Basin or need immediate nearby delivery.

Our drivers provide efficient custom less-than-truckload delivery services for your expedited small to medium-sized freight.



The most critical piece of Big and Small Operations is Freight Transportation. We provide safe experienced qualified personnel & reliable equipment. Call PASSIT LOGISTICS for your needs; locally owned and operated in Odessa, Tx. Our mission is to provide the most reliable, safe, and dependable services in the Permian Basin.

Need specialized Freight Services? Need a company that will dedicate and cater only to you? Let us know what your needs are?  We will work with you and cater to our customers. Providing the equipment and personnel that best fits the job from medium class 5 trucks, heavy haul, & specialized truck & trailers. All our equipment is equipped with electronic logging devices. We follow DOT requirements and perform a safe, secured, reliable transportation!



Our job is to ensure that your order reaches you in a timely, safe manner. Safety is a priority for us, and we are able to ensure a higher level of safety and overall service through the use of our new trucks and trailers. These are always inspected daily and prior to usage.



Permian Basin Map provided by the United States Department of Energy

Our Freight Services will handle pick-up and deliveries throughout West Texas and beyond. Areas of service include Permian Basin and Delaware Basin. We strive to safely and quickly deliver to any and all locations. Your load will be transported by our drivers that undergo strict qualification and medical certification programs to ensure they meet both the Texas and U.S. DOT standards

When you have a delivery deadline to meet, you want to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination on time and in one piece. That’s where we come in! Serving every location within the Permian Basin including but not limited to the following areas:  Carlsbad, Artesia, Hobbs, Midland, Odessa, Orla, Pecos, Big Spring, and Monahans, in state or out of state service needs. Setting the standard in providing quality safe transportation in West Texas.

We’re here to help.