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A “Thinker an Entrepreneur”.  An all-inclusive individual who is constantly “brainstorming a way to create and cater to customers. The opportunity of providing a unique combination of services to our customers.  We will become part of a unique entity;  needed to clarify the project and provide a long-term vision, by combining a scope of work and requirements.  We will find a way to meet your business needs that are relevant and effective to you.

Alex Nunez, President
FlIR Infrared Level I & II Certified, FLIR Optical Gas Imaging Certified, OFIL Corona UVIGrapher Certified; 10 Years Experience Class A, 15 Years I.T. Experience 
 PH: 432-530-5883
 EMAIL: info@passitlogistics.com

Alex Nunez is a very innovative individual. His company has created solutions that are exactly what my company needed.

John Rogers

Thanks to Alex & his company's efforts, we were able to locate our particular problem quickly and come up with a cost effective solution.

Phillip Reyes

I highly recommend Alex and his company. He was able to clean up and improve our network infrastructure and helped us create security policies to prevent security intrusions on our network.

Chris Smith

Customer Oriented Oilfield Logistic Services